Homes of India - Alina Fedorenko

From my first travel experience, India inspired me in my photography. This time I returned with a deeper perspective on the real life of people in India, a portrayal of Indian culture that is most intimate. A home is the soul of its owner and the most intimate place of a person. It tells a story about the residents living in it. Every home and its occupants have their own story of life to tell, in India the colours help to tell the rest.

I portraiture families, men and women, young and old people all living in different slum areas in the north part of India, such as Rajasthan and Delhi.

Most of the people in my work live a life at the edge of existence and are socially disadvantaged. In India, financially unstable families usually share a small house with up to six to seven members. It is a common scene of the slums. Most of these households have only one room, which is being shared with the whole family. One third of the slums are devoid of an indoor toilet. The ones that do have a toilet are not connected with proper sewage systems. Many generations are sharing life and dependant on each other. I want my work also to act as a reminder of the importance of family and shared values, which is a certain kind of wealth that even those who have less can cherish and enjoy. 


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