Domonkos Varga - Res Materialis

My name is Domonkos Varga and I’m a 20-year-old fine art photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. I’m doing conceptual artworks, mostly staged and fine art photography projects about the affections of contemporary social trends and modern society on the individuals. As an artistic skill set, it is important me to use different visual narratives and viewpoints related to my series to visibly express a wide range of emotions which has a unique impact on the viewer.

In general, I like to make phenomenons and social tendencies and other invisible notions visible, throughout the medium of photography. For me, it is important to use the tools of staged, editorial, studio and architectural photography all combined in my series to make a visually varied atmosphere filled with hidden references, motives and double-meanings. I’m currently studying at Moholy-Nagy University Of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest as a second-year Bachelor participant at the Photography Department.

This particular ongoing conceptual work represents a metaphoric narrative related to the appearance of materialist perceptions in modern societies. In my belief, materialist ideas (in its philosophical definition) are now in a conquering tendency which process affects the universal demands connected to our contemporary social mentality. We live our life hand-in-hand with certain objects which create virtual dimensions and new systems such as our smartphones and computers. We are standing in front of the opportunity of creating new and unknown platforms, even artificial realities and also fully developed Artificial Intelligence. They do not only help us to manage our life easier but sometimes cause deformation in personal relationships and social interactions as it generally changes the individual role of a persona in this rushing new world. But the limits of human development tend to raise constantly higher just like our symbolic architecture. In addition, spirituality and idealism as a way of thinking are slowly starting to lose its importance nowadays as we excessively concentrating on technological and scientific development. Referring to contemporary philosophy, this train of thought contains the ideas of new materialism (in continental philosophy) and reductive materialism (or scientific materialism / in analytic philosophy. What is the real role of humanity in this new digital era? How will we cooperate and race with artificial problem-solving possibilities when our brain has a limited capacity? How will we describe the conception of an ideal relationship in the upcoming years? Will our attitude to emotions change in the upcoming years? Are we going to change the general perception of humanity? These are just a few of my questions which supported the idea of my main theme. My work shows my vision of this progressing and still forming social procedure. I believe the outlined phenomenon will have a great impact on us. The title of the project refers to a Latin phrase which means 'material thing'.